Healthy Body & Mind With Yoga

Meditation is an integral part of yoga and hence, is being increasingly recommended during pregnancy. It’s not uncommon during pregnancy to face stress and anxiety. Meditation can bring down the body’s stress response and usher in a state of calm. High blood pressure can reduce the blood flow to the placenta, hence reducing nutrition and oxygen for the foetus. Meditation can keep blood pressure at bay. It can also help to tackle fatigue and insomnia. During pregnancy, women have to deal with various aches and pains and mood swings. Meditation increases their psychological resilience and helps them to adapt. Mindful meditation helps the mother to connect deeper with the baby. You can sit quietly and converse with the baby. This can help during labour too. It increases body awareness during pregnancy and labour. Post delivery, some women may develop depression. Mindfulness helps the mother’s to be aware of this and reach out for help. Most women are scared about the act of giving birth, which increases stress and this, in turn, can prolong labour. Meditation helps them to manage this fear.

There are various forms of meditation which are used- mindful, transcendental, walking, body scanning, deep breathing etc.

It’s always good to start early during the pregnancy and continue till the delivery date. Sitting quietly and connecting with your own body and the baby within will ensure a comfortable, peaceful and enjoyable pregnancy.