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Consulting Partner

Nutritionist Profile

A wellness professional, highly self motivated Nutritionist with immense passion for Nutrition. Have excellent communication skills, both written and oral and can work independently. Have a proven track record of helping clients to achieve their Nutrition goals. Have a deep understanding how Nutrition and Food affect health weight and lifestyle in the long run.
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Pregnancy is a whole new wave of change in the body. Food acts as a medicine if taken appropriately. Can help one to deal with this rollercoaster ride by planning nutrition during the course of nine months to ease the discomforts that will come your way and meet the growing needs of the body.


Pre-Natal Nutrition

1. Trimester wise Balanced Nutrition to prepare the body.
2. Easing Acidity, Nausea, Gastritis, Bloating, Morning sickness.
3. Improve low heamoglobin levels.
4. Gestational Diabetes
5. Gestational Hypertension
6. Gestational Thyroid
7. Gaining too much weight
8. Nutrition for healthy weight gain.

Post-Natal Nutrition

1. Myth Breaking food related consultation
2. Nutrition for boosting lactation
3. Nutrition for speedy Post delivery Recovery
4. Nutrition to improve weight gain in new borns
5. Eating your way back to health.

Baby Nutrition

1. How to start Weaning baby from breast milk
2. How,when and what foods to introduce to baby
3. Weight gain foods for baby.
4. Avoiding any allergies in babies.
5. Age wise Meal plan for babies
6. Specific condition concerning meal plans.