Physical activity is a ritual that no one should skip. For moms to be and new moms, it is all the more important for their well-being in the long run.


Exercise doesn’t always mean strenuous workouts and lifting weights. There are gentler ones too. This is where the ancient Indian workout of Yoga comes in. Although there are intense Yoga practices, most of them are mild and can be performed by anyone.


Yoga being all-encompassing in nature does not leave out any stage of life. For the benefit of the women in the gestational period,  Yoga practices are designed to help them to be fit and ease the delivery process.


 You might want to ask WHY POSTNATAL YOGA? 


While prenatal yoga helps one to sail through pregnancy and enables a more comfortable delivery experience, Postnatal yoga is an equally effective tool in recovering from the strenuous delivery process. It helps in healing the mind and the body, aids in repairing all the tissues and ensures hormonal balance, and improves the core strength.


With constant tending to the newborn all day every day, women are prone to aches and pains. The gentle movements in Postnatal yoga promote general health and gives stamina, strength, and flexibility to the body by helping in toning the abdominal muscles and increasing its strength.  As an extra benefit, the shoulder and neck muscles too get relaxed and rejuvenated


The breathing exercises done simultaneously with body movements improve the breathing pattern and increases the blood circulation throughout the whole body. It stimulates cell growth and repairs and strengthens the joints.

Performing Postnatal yoga has lots of benefits for our emotional well being too. As they say, Yoga is the connection of the mind, body, and soul, it helps to keep the mind calm and relieves Postnatal depression if any. Consistent practice of Postnatal yoga is guaranteed to make you all the more confident, energetic, flexible, and stress-free to take care of your little one and have a happy time.